Top 5 Tips for Dating Colombian Girls Online

Colombian girls are sexy, fun, smart, and in most cases single and ready to mingle. Even better, if you’re a foreigner, then the chances for you successfully dating, meeting, and even one day marrying a hot, young Colombian girl are even higher!

And, if you didn’t already know it, most Colombian women are taught at a young age and therefore typically ready in their early to mid-twenties for marriage, settling down, and creating a family of their own.

So, while there are plenty of Colombian women out there only looking for fun or casual dating, chances are there’s more than enough available on the market who are looking for something more meaningful. Read on to discover how to achieve success with these Top 5 Tips for Dating Colombian Girls Online!

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1. Looks v. Personality: What’s the Difference?

When dating Colombian women online, or deciding which dating sites to sign-up for, try to make it a point to recognize ‘generic’ photos and women. Even better, if you can identify professional photos then chances are she’s either not real, or only looking for one thing – money.

While this, of course, is not always the case, you’re better off pursuing women with more original, or amateur photos – and of course ones that match up.

Just remember, much like you or other men, she may not be using her most recent or real photos – which is why video chatting is so valuable!

2. Language and City of Origin

Believe it or not, where in Colombian your woman of interest or girlfriend is from can actually tell you a lot about her. And, in most cases will also help you understand her culture, and views on life a little better too – for example as far as economics or religion goes.

Also, you’ll notice that some Columbian women are rather superstitious, so again, it will ultimately come down to the types of influences she’s had around her, and the types of people she associates with now.

Most importantly, keep in mind that different Colombian women from various parts around Columbia may speak Spanish differently, have varying accents, and different levels of English speaking skills themselves.

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3. Religion and Culture: Who is Your Colombian Girl?

Religion can really tell you a lot about a Colombian girl’s culture, her personality, and most likely intentions for dating. So, when searching for or dating a Colombian girl online, keep this in mind, and try to separate the real from the fakes using this method as much as possible. Also, know that for some of these good ol’ Catholic girls they too will be seeking a religious-minded man, or be open-minded to the idea of dating and marrying a Christian man.

Ultimately, just like in most places, how serious or committed your Colombian girl is to her religion is likely to vary, but you can count on one thing – her not being shy to express her feelings about it.

4. Family and Goals

If you can get a better grasp of what your Colombian girl’s family is like, and any child or children she has today, you’ll be that much closer to identifying her most likely intentions or potential. Also, this will likely help you learn a lot about her, give her something to talk about, and offer insight into what she is or is not looking for in both a short term and long term relationship.

Aspirations or goals also speak numbers to any Colombian girl’s life and potential, so this is always a worthwhile topic to bring up. Most Colombian women are anything but dull, and few are not ambitious. Although, it may seem like they are when it comes to online dating or “dating agencies”, so be careful and mindful of this.

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In fact, this is one of many reasons why going to Columbia to interact with them is much more ideal, as it minimizes or prevents the scammers and fakes from taking advantage of you or wasting your time.

5. Passion Sincerity and Marriage

Colombian women are extremely passionate by nature typically quite sincere. Therefore, if yours doesn’t seem to be, then chances are she isn’t, and it’s best to keep looking.

This is also a perfect time to mention the value of keeping your options open, and either “adding”, messaging, or signing up for multiple sites or places like social media to reach Colombian women throughout various parts of the country. There is nothing wrong with this tactic, and you’d be depriving yourself of more opportunity and love if you neglected to do this.

You are also going to learn that a lot of Colombian girls are turning to the internet, online dating, or ‘dating agencies’ as a way to meet the (foreigner) man of their dreams to get away from poverty, or otherwise being mistreated by the local men – and government.

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In all seriousness, Colombian girls have plenty of motivation to date and marry an American or foreigner man – not only to include the money factor. So, you might be surprised at how aggressively she’ll likewise pursue you in return.

So, don’t ever underestimate the values of adding Colombian girls on Facebook to chat (search Colombian Facebook Groups), use Skype to your advantage to separate the reals from the fakes, and try to stay away from pay-for-server websites.

Seriously, there are far too many free websites, chatroom’s, and other methods of meeting Colombian girl online – and in person – for free. Also, this will help you save the money and any headache involved with being scammed out of your money, or meeting a girl who otherwise isn’t who she promised.

Finally, keep in mind that how sincere you are, and the purpose for dating or finding Colombian girls online will also heavily influence the types of women you’re most likely to meet.