Colombian Vacations

Colombian vacations are fun and very interesting for the entire family. When it is time to take the holidays this year, head to Columbia, the land of diversity and Latin American culture. First, get online and check the various vacation websites to learn more about the places to visit and make an itinerary and follow it to make the Colombian vacations memorable.

colombian popular tourist attractions

Land at the El Dorado International Airport of Bogota. The airport serves as the primary international gateway that handles almost 50% of the total air traffic in the country. The immortal architectural beauty and historical landmarks of Bogota are a must see sight for all visitors.

No trip to Bogota is complete without a visit to the Capitol Municipal Palace. The exquisite beauty of this palace is a draw for tourists all year round. The missionary churches have an old world charm, while the Gold Museum and the Art Museum are sure to inspire you.

After checking out the architecture, enjoy some nature. Visit Laguna de Guatavita, a perfect place for relaxation with the family. The lagoon here was used to offer gold gifts to the Gods in history. It will take you one hour to get here on bus from Bogota, or you can hire a car and drive there yourself in 40 minutes. It is a good idea to get a guide to take you around trekking to the lagoon.

laguna de guatavita colombia

While in Columbia, plan to visit Cartagena, which is beautiful, romantic, and historical. It is protected by UNESCO and makes for an interesting trip. Kids love to take a dip in the mud bath at the volcano. You can also enjoy the tropical life here before visiting the Rosario Islands.

The water at the Rosario Islands is clear and turquoise, the sun is radiant and the air very fresh. At the Rosario Islands Natural Park, you can find private facilities for the family. Stay for a day here and enjoy the spectacular sunset. Gaze at the stars that fill up the sky at night.

Kids like the open water aquarium, where they can watch the dolphin show. Get close to the sharks and giant turtles. Discover the various types of tropical reef fauna. For snorkelers and scuba divers, this Island is like a paradise. It has some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world. The quite and still waters of the Island make it a draw for people who love water skiing, canoeing, swimming and wind surfing.

amazon in colombia

During your Colombian vacations, take a trip to the Amazon. It will bring you closer to the various species of otters, monkeys, jaguars, and manatees. Plan a visit the Amacayacu National Park.

First, you will need to go to the city of Leticia and from there take a boat to the park. Visit the Micos Island to see hundreds of monkeys. Then head to the Mocagua Island where you can see the lotus flower and then take a trip up the Amazon River to Tarapoto Lake to see the Amazon dolphins. Cabins are available for 2-4 travelers and it is good to stay here for three days. Colombian vacations are a lot of fun and very interesting for the entire family.