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Why You Should Use A Colombian Dating Site?

Sexy woman from Colombia in sports topEveryone wants to fall in love and find a beautiful loving partner who will care for them, have a family and live happily after. However, finding that person means putting yourself on the dating market, going on blind date, meeting people, etc.

And we all know that going on blind dates is not easy. You have to open yourself up to a stranger, learn more about them and generally find out whether they want the same thing in a relationship as you do.

Sometimes, it can go right and you find a beautiful person to live your life with but 99% of the time, you don’t find the person you are looking for. It’s a waste of time, energy and money.

Why Colombian Dating is a Good Idea

Dating through a Colombian dating website is a good idea as it bypasses almost all of the drawbacks mentioned above.

As you are dating online, you can find out everything about the person through the anonymous interface of the internet. You can see their photos, learn their likes and dislikes and then discuss what you want in a relationship online.

If both of you don’t want the same thing, you can easily switch over to a new woman and start the process again or talk to three to four different women at the same time to find your ideal mate.

Apart from these simple advantages, you should know that talking to Colombian women or dating them online provides a huge range of specific advantages.

Beautiful Colombian mail order bride gallery - Women seeking foreign men

1. Colombia is a racially diverse country with beautiful women in nearly every skin color, body shape and facial features. The women of Medellin, Cali and Cartagena are renowned for their beauty and you not find a bad looking woman online.

In fact, Colombia stresses the importance of physical features and almost every woman is beautiful with tawny gold skin, beautiful eyes and lustrous hair.

2. Latin American women are hot-blooded but they are fiery, passionate and very friendly and this makes them a treat to date. However, they may be at different stages in their dating game. Some may want a long term relationship, others may want marriage while others are just out for a good time.

3. Colombian women love their families and they respect men. The culture is male-oriented and women naturally defer to men. They are also responsible for children and having children after marriage is a sign of fertility and stability in a relationship.

The Bottom Line

Colombian women are not hard to date and with a little patience and research, you can easily find a woman who wants the same thing you do. Find a good Colombian Dating website and ensure that you take your time to find the right woman.

Just remember that Colombian women are passionate and they do not share their men. Love her and care for her and rest assured, you won’t have anything to complain about at all.

A Brief Guide To Colombian Mail Order Brides

Sexy Colombian Girl PoiseGetting Colombian mail order brides was quite easy when the concept first took hold. But Colombia’s proximity to the United States set off a boom in this business. The number of Colombian women entering the U. S. On fiance visas increased 321 percent in the decade ending 2008. A huge number of women from Central and Latin America are now listed in these cross-border bridal catalogs.

For men, things have gotten complicated since it is harder to make sure the provider and the women listed are genuine. Authentic sites provide a lot of help to the men involved. They will offer live chats and video dates with the women, so that both parties can get to know each other before making any decision.

The service may even arrange for an in-person meeting. The travel costs will have to be paid by the men, but the rest of the arrangements at the destination may be taken care of the service or the women in question. In fact, it’s better to shortlist a few women instead of sticking with just one and risking disappointment if the face to face meeting does not go well.

There may even be a multi-city tour involved. The men can meet different women from all parts of the country and learn more about Colombia and its culture. It will help them understand the women and why they seek to get married to a stranger from another part of the world.

That is also the key to making sure the agency and prospective bride are the real deal. An outfit which is just out to make a quick buck will ask for a lot of money in advance. The women may seek expensive gifts or cash for immigration and air ticket assistance.

These are the kind of pitfalls that men looking at Colombian mail order brides have to stay away from. A good woman in Colombia just wants a decent life with a husband who will care for her. That is sadly not so easy in Colombia, and that is why men in the U. S. And other parts of the world can still find a great woman here who wants to be their wife.

How To Join The Colombia Dating Scene

Meeting the perfect woman is not easy, despite it being the one thing that most men dream about. There are many factors involved in it. Some you are in control of, but others that are beyond your reach. Therefore, it is important that you know how to do it. This Colombian Dating guide is going to give you an idea of how to go about it.

In order to get a date, it is important that you know where to meet Colombian women. This does not mean that you have to go to

Sexy Colombian Girl On Bed

Colombia. It is possible for you to succeed in finding a Colombian woman for dating, wherever you are. However, it will take some serious digging if you are in a country that has few Colombians.

You can start by asking your friends whether they are from Colombia, or if they happen to know any women of the same decent. They could help by setting you up for a blind date. If you are in a big city or college, it is possible that some of your friends might be from Colombia.

Visiting online dating sites can also help you find a date. Sign up for some of them and look for women to date. The best way to get to know someone on such websites is to become their best pen pal.

There are also numerous restaurants, clubs and bars that are either owned by people from Colombia or are frequented by them. Your chances of finding such venues in big cities and towns, is high. Therefore, if you are in the rural setting, you better move to the city.

Though considered to be a drastic action, taking a trip to Colombia would not be such a bad idea. You can go alone or be accompanied by a friend who speaks Spanish. Those are some of the ways through which you can enter the Colombian dating scene.

Finding Hot Colombian Women To Date

Hot Colombian Women in bikiniA lot of men like the idea of finding some hot Colombian women to date. They are attracted to the dark complexion and raven black hair that most ladies who originate from the area have. The men will be happy to hear that there a lot of dating sites that cater to hooking-up beautiful Latino ladies with the men who are most attracted to them.

Women from this region are known for their beauty. They have dark and mysterious eyes to match their hair and skin. The warm climate encourages girls to take good care of their bodies as they are often most comfortable wearing short skirts and open mid-drift shirts.

The sites that cater to introducing Latino females with men from America, Canada and Europe. They may be free or may charge a minimal fee for their service. Many many like to check these sites regularly in hopes of finding the woman of their dreams.

The girls can make a profile that details their interests and hobbies. The girls can also upload one or more photos of themselves. Most will upload a close-up photo of their faces and will also include a full length shot so perspective suitors can get a good idea of what they look like.

Men can contact the females that interest them the most through the web site. They can email the girls and include photos and information about themselves, just like any other dating web site. If both parties remain interested, they may decide to talk on the phone or eventually meet in person.

It is possible to meet hot Colombian Women over the Internet. The ladies who join this site are likely to be just as interested in finding a man from North America or Europe as the men are in meeting them. The ladies may upload several pictures for the men to see and are likely to want to see a photo of the men who contact them too.

You Can Date Colombian Models!

The Sexy Colombian ModelColombian models are among some of the most beautiful women in the world. Their thick black hair and the skin that has been bronzed by the sun add to the their beauty. The South American country is known for its natural beauty, rich agriculture and of course, their beautiful ladies.

A model from this country is like a model from any other country with the same desires to make it big in world of fashion and beauty. They want to be able to live the high-life and make money while being appreciated for their beauty. They are likely to take an interest in traveling and rubbing shoulders with the world’s movers and shakers.

Many of these woman are interested in meeting men from America, Europe and other countries. They often join dating web sites with the hopes of meeting someone special, being able to travel and to get their face out there with the hopes of being discovered.

Men can browse through the vast array of profiles of women from the Latin American country. The men can look at photos of the ladies and can read through their profiles that detail their interests and their hopes. Men are likely to find someone who has similar interests and who is attractive to them.

The women may speak only Spanish, but many speak English too. They may be well traveled and cultured, or they may be more accustomed to the culture and ways of their own country. But the one thing that they have in common is the desire to get to know gentlemen from other countries.

Colombian models are beautiful with their dark skin, hair and eyes. They are likely to want to meet men from western cultures to find love and to possibly break into a modeling career. Men can look through a variety of web sites to find the perfect match for themselves and can contact her through the site.

What You Need To Know About Colombian Brides

Colombian Mail Order Brides, Colombian Mail Order Brides

Finding mail order brides is quite easy. Just Google the term “Colombian brides on the internet” and the search engine will throw up thousands of results for you to choose from. Most sites are reliable and they will connect you to Colombian brides who are willing to meet foreign men and travel to a new country to marry them.

However, there are a few sites which will try to scam you. Do take a look at these simple tips on what to do and what not to do when you are searching for a Colombian girlfriend.

Check the website

Reliable websites will charge you a minimal amount for your profile. They will also insist on getting a photo and personal details from you. The site will then set up a database of women who meet the criteria you have set and then mail the details to you. You can encouraged by the website to chat with the women you have selected and get to know them better for at least two to three months.

After that, the site will encourage you to travel down to Colombia so that both of you can see each other. This is a very important step in every Colombian brides mail-order process.

This face to face meeting will ensure that there are no complaints about false representation and fake brides later on. If both of you are happy with the relationship, the website will then encourage you to prepare and sign a contract before the marriage. This contract is the best way to protect yourself and your potential bride from any issues like divorce, abandonment, conjugal rights etc.

bootylicious colombianas in dating sites

Almost every authentic website will follow the same procedure. Be very careful of websites which promise the following:

  • Money to pay the mail order bride or to pay for the mail order brides tickets and visa. All mail order Colombian brides websites should have their passports and visas ready. You will supply the visa to the potential Colombian brides when you approve one. If they ask for money upfront, be very careful and stop your correspondence immediately
  • Personal details. Do not every disclose personal details through the internet. There are several website filled with Trojan viruses and data mining spiders which will try to stick into your computer and find out personal details like banking information and passwords. As much as possible, use an alias and do not disclose any personal details.
  • Same photo on several websites. Unscrupulous websites sometimes list the same anonymous Colombian brides’ photos on several different fishing website to get your personal details. For this reason, you need to choose a reliable and safe site before putting in any personal details.
  • Package deals on Colombian brides. Be very careful of sites which offer package deals on Colombian brides. Do not be swayed by language lessons, mail forwarding and translation services to help you connect to your favorite Colombian brides.

We hope that these simple tips will help you find the best Colombian brides for your needs. Do be careful though as you navigate the internet for Colombian brides.


Top 5 Tips for Dating Colombian Girls Online

Colombian girls are sexy, fun, smart, and in most cases single and ready to mingle. Even better, if you’re a foreigner, then the chances for you successfully dating, meeting, and even one day marrying a hot, young Colombian girl are even higher!

And, if you didn’t already know it, most Colombian women are taught at a young age and therefore typically ready in their early to mid-twenties for marriage, settling down, and creating a family of their own.

So, while there are plenty of Colombian women out there only looking for fun or casual dating, chances are there’s more than enough available on the market who are looking for something more meaningful. Read on to discover how to achieve success with these Top 5 Tips for Dating Colombian Girls Online!

colombian hotty

1. Looks v. Personality: What’s the Difference?

When dating Colombian women online, or deciding which dating sites to sign-up for, try to make it a point to recognize ‘generic’ photos and women. Even better, if you can identify professional photos then chances are she’s either not real, or only looking for one thing – money.

While this, of course, is not always the case, you’re better off pursuing women with more original, or amateur photos – and of course ones that match up.

Just remember, much like you or other men, she may not be using her most recent or real photos – which is why video chatting is so valuable!

2. Language and City of Origin

Believe it or not, where in Colombian your woman of interest or girlfriend is from can actually tell you a lot about her. And, in most cases will also help you understand her culture, and views on life a little better too – for example as far as economics or religion goes.

Also, you’ll notice that some Columbian women are rather superstitious, so again, it will ultimately come down to the types of influences she’s had around her, and the types of people she associates with now.

Most importantly, keep in mind that different Colombian women from various parts around Columbia may speak Spanish differently, have varying accents, and different levels of English speaking skills themselves.

hotty colombian

3. Religion and Culture: Who is Your Colombian Girl?

Religion can really tell you a lot about a Colombian girl’s culture, her personality, and most likely intentions for dating. So, when searching for or dating a Colombian girl online, keep this in mind, and try to separate the real from the fakes using this method as much as possible. Also, know that for some of these good ol’ Catholic girls they too will be seeking a religious-minded man, or be open-minded to the idea of dating and marrying a Christian man.

Ultimately, just like in most places, how serious or committed your Colombian girl is to her religion is likely to vary, but you can count on one thing – her not being shy to express her feelings about it.

4. Family and Goals

If you can get a better grasp of what your Colombian girl’s family is like, and any child or children she has today, you’ll be that much closer to identifying her most likely intentions or potential. Also, this will likely help you learn a lot about her, give her something to talk about, and offer insight into what she is or is not looking for in both a short term and long term relationship.

Aspirations or goals also speak numbers to any Colombian girl’s life and potential, so this is always a worthwhile topic to bring up. Most Colombian women are anything but dull, and few are not ambitious. Although, it may seem like they are when it comes to online dating or “dating agencies”, so be careful and mindful of this.

sexy colombian girl

In fact, this is one of many reasons why going to Columbia to interact with them is much more ideal, as it minimizes or prevents the scammers and fakes from taking advantage of you or wasting your time.

5. Passion Sincerity and Marriage

Colombian women are extremely passionate by nature typically quite sincere. Therefore, if yours doesn’t seem to be, then chances are she isn’t, and it’s best to keep looking.

This is also a perfect time to mention the value of keeping your options open, and either “adding”, messaging, or signing up for multiple sites or places like social media to reach Colombian women throughout various parts of the country. There is nothing wrong with this tactic, and you’d be depriving yourself of more opportunity and love if you neglected to do this.

You are also going to learn that a lot of Colombian girls are turning to the internet, online dating, or ‘dating agencies’ as a way to meet the (foreigner) man of their dreams to get away from poverty, or otherwise being mistreated by the local men – and government.

beautiful colombian

In all seriousness, Colombian girls have plenty of motivation to date and marry an American or foreigner man – not only to include the money factor. So, you might be surprised at how aggressively she’ll likewise pursue you in return.

So, don’t ever underestimate the values of adding Colombian girls on Facebook to chat (search Colombian Facebook Groups), use Skype to your advantage to separate the reals from the fakes, and try to stay away from pay-for-server websites.

Seriously, there are far too many free websites, chatroom’s, and other methods of meeting Colombian girl online – and in person – for free. Also, this will help you save the money and any headache involved with being scammed out of your money, or meeting a girl who otherwise isn’t who she promised.

Finally, keep in mind that how sincere you are, and the purpose for dating or finding Colombian girls online will also heavily influence the types of women you’re most likely to meet.

Top 10 Sexiest Colombian Models

Columbian women are known for having the hottest bodies in the world, staying fit, yet having curves in all the right places, natural long and beautiful hair, and faces to die for! Check out some of the sexiest rated Columbian models around the world.


Sweet, Sexy, and Educated

Ouch! Taliana Vargas is a well-known global model who has won both Miss Columbia and Miss Universe! Speaking over 4 languages her beauty and smarts alone are sure to sweep you off your feet! She is currently studying journalism in the United States and sets the bar high for Models of any nationality around the world!


Natalia Villaveces

Both a stunning actress and model (interestingly enough the second model we present to you with a predominantly Russian name) Natalia is a well-known actress as well, has an amazing Carmel skin complex, and a physique that will blow your mind!

Natalia has a sweet and soft face, yet serious expression, and now that we think of it, it’s likely that she is mixed with Slovak ethnicity, making her all the more exotic!


Maria Cristina Diaz-Granados

Maria, originating in Valledupar, Colulmbia, has an incredible body and has won Miss Columbia already once during International Competitions in 2008. All the better, Maria is seemingly mixed with American nationality! This, along with her incredible body makes her easily a well-lavished super-model and something for any Man to stop and stare at.



Paula Garcés

Another super exotic and sexy Columbian-American, Paula has a very erotic look and personality. She has starred on several popular American T.V. shows including CSI Miami.

Paula grewup in a tough environment, stemming from Harlem New York. For many fans, she’s especially popular for her sexy and funny roles in a Harold and Kumar movie! Americans love her, Columbians love her, who doesn’t love this gorgeous little Columbian?


Carla Ossa

Carla, at a seemingly intimidating 6”0 tall, we assure you she has the bombshell looks to drive any man wild and a recognizable talent that took her from popular TV show contracts to now representing and modeling for Avon products! She has incredibly natural, long black hair that dives down her back below the waist, literally giving the impression of what a Columbian princess looks like!


Jeymmy Vargas

Vargas ravishes the appetite of any human-being to lay eyes on her, with her obvious exotic Ebony and Columbian ethnicity, she definitely spices things up! Coming all the way from Cartagena de Indias, Vargas has already won Miss International and continues to model for various popular agencies and magazines!


 Jessica Cediel

Jessica is well known for her main-role on the hit Spanish TV Series “Muy Buenos Días”.

Jessica has mesmerizing hazel eyes and a body physique that looks like it was crafted by the Gods. She speaks both English and Spanish fluently, so gentleman, start practicing your best pickup lines and make sure it’s good!


 Reina Moncada

Reina Moncada is a pure and natural Columbian beauty from Norte de Santander. In addition to making it as a Playmate and other modeling gigs, she’s also a successful DJ–dual entertainment, what more could we ask for?


Laura Palacio

Laura is by far one of the sexiest Columbian beauty queens to exist, originating right in the capital of Columbia, Medellin—boy do her roots show! She has already won Miss Columbian back in 2010, continues to model, compete, and her smile alone will leave you stunned!


Alexa Vega

Last but not least, a natural, cute, and petite Alexa known for her starring role in the original Spy Kids movie. Alexa is an all-natural Columbian, born and raised however in Miami Florida. She has become a very popular actress and continues to both model and extend her acting career with great success!

Dating Columbian Women

columbian woman with flowersDating a Columbian woman can be a rich, rewarding experience. They are very sexy, feminine, beautiful and traditional women. Most will be loyal to you and are serious about finding a man they will love. In addition you can soak in the rich and rewarding Latin culture with all of the delights that it has to offer.

Meeting Columbian women can be much more comfortable than meeting a western woman. Columbian women are generally nicer, friendly and far more flirtatious. There are some cultural quirks you should be aware of though if you want to date a Columbian woman, to avoid any misunderstandings.

First one thing that might surprise you is that it’s extraordinarily easy to get a girls phone number in Columbia. Why? Because they will give you the number even if they don’t want to talk to you. They are much more likely to make up excuses after you call, or find some way to get out of it after you have their number.

Generally after a couple of phone calls if things have not progressed the way you want them to just move on. There are a lot of beautiful girls. The funny thing about South America is that even though its renowned for sexy beautiful string bikinis and long late night parties, it’s also very conservative in some aspects.

When you are Meeting a Columbian Bride for a date, you have to pick her up and drop her off in a car. If you don’t have a car, you need to use a taxi. Not as though it’s particularly expensive but it’s just the culture. Make sure that you’re on time, or that little Latina may be fuming mad when you see her!

Little acts of chivalry can go a long way with a Columbian woman. Make sure you are very clean and well-dressed on your date. You want to wear shoes and some nice clothes. Beach clothes are not going to cut it for a Columbian woman.

Columbian women take very good care of their appearance. They are meticulous and are going to expect you to be dressed to impress. You should put genuine effort into your appearance so you look good. Columbian people care about it, and since you will be in Columbia, it’s good to go with the culture.

Hygiene is also much stressed. Your hair should be styled and nicely cut, you should be cleanly shaved and looking good for your date. Shower before you see her and wear deodorant when you go. The last thing you want is your date thinking you can’t take care of yourself.

It’s also good if you are up to date with Latin culture; the movies, the music, the celebrities, and try to learn some Spanish. If you enjoy dancing, Latin women absolutely adore a man who knows how to dance.

Just remember that Columbia is a traditional country, usually you are going to kiss on your second date, maybe your first. Chivalry and kindness are going to get you further than anything else with a Columbian girl. You don’t have to be perfect, just being a nice guy who is kind is more important than anything else. Follow these tips and you will get very far.

Colombian Vacations

Colombian vacations are fun and very interesting for the entire family. When it is time to take the holidays this year, head to Columbia, the land of diversity and Latin American culture. First, get online and check the various vacation websites to learn more about the places to visit and make an itinerary and follow it to make the Colombian vacations memorable.

colombian popular tourist attractions

Land at the El Dorado International Airport of Bogota. The airport serves as the primary international gateway that handles almost 50% of the total air traffic in the country. The immortal architectural beauty and historical landmarks of Bogota are a must see sight for all visitors.

No trip to Bogota is complete without a visit to the Capitol Municipal Palace. The exquisite beauty of this palace is a draw for tourists all year round. The missionary churches have an old world charm, while the Gold Museum and the Art Museum are sure to inspire you.

After checking out the architecture, enjoy some nature. Visit Laguna de Guatavita, a perfect place for relaxation with the family. The lagoon here was used to offer gold gifts to the Gods in history. It will take you one hour to get here on bus from Bogota, or you can hire a car and drive there yourself in 40 minutes. It is a good idea to get a guide to take you around trekking to the lagoon.

laguna de guatavita colombia

While in Columbia, plan to visit Cartagena, which is beautiful, romantic, and historical. It is protected by UNESCO and makes for an interesting trip. Kids love to take a dip in the mud bath at the volcano. You can also enjoy the tropical life here before visiting the Rosario Islands.

The water at the Rosario Islands is clear and turquoise, the sun is radiant and the air very fresh. At the Rosario Islands Natural Park, you can find private facilities for the family. Stay for a day here and enjoy the spectacular sunset. Gaze at the stars that fill up the sky at night.

Kids like the open water aquarium, where they can watch the dolphin show. Get close to the sharks and giant turtles. Discover the various types of tropical reef fauna. For snorkelers and scuba divers, this Island is like a paradise. It has some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world. The quite and still waters of the Island make it a draw for people who love water skiing, canoeing, swimming and wind surfing.

amazon in colombia

During your Colombian vacations, take a trip to the Amazon. It will bring you closer to the various species of otters, monkeys, jaguars, and manatees. Plan a visit the Amacayacu National Park.

First, you will need to go to the city of Leticia and from there take a boat to the park. Visit the Micos Island to see hundreds of monkeys. Then head to the Mocagua Island where you can see the lotus flower and then take a trip up the Amazon River to Tarapoto Lake to see the Amazon dolphins. Cabins are available for 2-4 travelers and it is good to stay here for three days. Colombian vacations are a lot of fun and very interesting for the entire family.